About Me

Hello, and welcome to my Web page. I am happy to take this opportunity to share with you a bit about myself, as it is important to have a physician with whom you are comfortable and can partner with in making decisions about your health and well-being.


A native Southern Californian, I live in West Los Angeles with my husband and two daughters, and our toy poodle. I decided to become a doctor when I was 14, given my awe of biological science and my desire to promote the health and happiness of others.

About my practice

Medicine is my calling. It is my honor to be allowed into the lives and hearts of my patients, and I cherish the relationships we develop.

How I thrive

As life becomes increasingly more complicated, we need to pay attention to our emotional and physical well-being so that we may nurture those around us and ourselves. I encourage members to choose activities that are good for their soul and their health. As for me, I remind myself to slow down and enjoy each day. I read, meditate, strive to eat more fruits and vegetables, and make time to exercise at least five days per week (it's most fun to choose each day from a variety: Pilates, yoga, swimming, water aerobics, exercise videos, stationary bike, elliptical, etc.). I enjoy my time at work and at home, and I look forward to helping you grow.