About Me

Welcome! Thank you for visiting my Web page. As a family medicine physician, I am part of a team that cares for patients of all ages. Most of the time, I work in the clinic. I feel fortunate to work here, as I have great colleagues and patients.


I grew up in Los Angeles and am the fifth of six children. When I was five years old, I dreamed of being a doctor. While I was in college, I learned of the need for Spanish-speaking physicians in Los Angeles. Since I wanted to make a positive difference in people's lives, I committed myself to achieving my childhood dream of becoming a physician. My career in medicine has been very rewarding, and I feel privileged to contribute to the well-being of my patients.

About my practice

My relationship with my patients is a partnership. I am here to listen to your concerns, counsel you on appropriate preventive treatments and evaluations, and take care of you when you are sick. Your role is to learn all you can about your health, make healthy changes in your life, and follow through with the treatment plan we have agreed upon. My philosophy is that preventive care is most important to thrive. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are an important part of that plan.

How I thrive

Outdoor activites, such as hiking, is how I thrive!