About Me

I am a Vietnamese immigrant who came to the United States after the Vietnam War in 1975. My family settled in Texas, and I ended up in the Pacific Northwest after residency. My husband and I love the beautiful Northwest, and we have a daughter who also loves the outdoors. I am fluent in both English and Vietnamese and enjoy working with members from all cultures.

About my practice

I firmly believe that your good health depends on caring for your physical, mental, and spiritual needs. As a physician, I think it is important to provide members with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions regarding their health.

How I thrive

By nature, I am constantly on the go. I am a multitasker and find that I can handle stress quite well. However, as I have become more mature, I have learned the value of slowing down — to get myself centered, to spend time with my family, and just to breathe.