About Me

My name is Thu Shioya, and I have been with Kaiser Permanente for over a decade. I was raised in Huntington Beach and have always lived in Orange County. I am married with 2 daughters.


I went into optometry because I had my first eye exam when I couldn't pass the vision test for my driver's permit, and since then I wanted to be able to give others the gift of sight. I am a leader for my daughters' Girl Scout troop and volunteer with my daughters' soccer teams. My hobbies include reading, sewing, and eating. I like trying new restaurants. Italian, Vietnamese, and Japanese are my favorite types of foods.

About my practice

I do primary eye exams and contact lenses. I like to get know members as people so I can help them meet their visual needs through glasses, contact lenses, or referral if appropriate.

How I thrive

I enjoy yoga and running on the soccer field or playground with my kids. My philosophy is: the more I work out, the more I can eat whatever I want!