About Me

When I was a senior in high school, I got my first pair of glasses and at that time began to think that being an eye doctor looked like fun. I relied on my strengths in math and science and ended up choosing the field. The oldest of three girls, I grew up in Minnesota and North Dakota and moved to Portland for optometry school in 1997. I fell in love with the kindness of the people, Mount Hood in the distance, and the way the gray skies highlight our year-round greenery.

About my practice

I practice full-scope optometry, including contact lenses, glasses, and ocular disease. I appreciate folks from all walks of life, from those who are small and new to the world to those who are older and wiser. My favorite thing about Kaiser Permanente is the group practice and the collegiality of our doctors and staff. Teamwork is essential here and is what makes this the best place to work.

How I thrive

When I'm not at work, I spend time playing with my young twins (daughter and son). We love hiking in the west hills and walking around town. I have a cargo bike that the three of us roll around on in Northeast Portland. I also enjoy working on my house and am willing to try most any home improvement job with enough instruction. I'm a published writer and enjoy art and playing the piano. I've enjoyed traveling and spent four years living overseas, though at this time we mostly travel in the United States.