About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I am glad to have the opportunity to share some information about myself to help you to learn a bit about my background.


I am a native of Chicago, and after several visits to Southern California over several years, I became convinced that San Diego would be a great place to live and practice medicine. I have always wanted to be a physician. I always love to learn and share my knowledge to help others, so medicine was and is an ideal choice for me as a career.

About my practice

I like to consult my colleagues on clinical conditions, to optimize your care. I also try to be highly communicative with our staff throughout the day, to help ensure that optimal care can be provided.

How I thrive

I aim to keep balance in my life. I attempt to do this by maintaining a simple exercise program (that almost anyone can do), enjoying a balanced, varied diet, and spending most of my spare time with family and friends.