About Me

I grew up in Romania, where I graduated medical school as well as post graduate training, and worked as a general medicine physician for about three years prior to moving to the U.S. My love for medicine and people helped me to continue to study, take the national board exams, and become a fully accredited doctor in the U.S. After completing my family medicine residency at University of Illinois at Chicago, I worked for 15 years as a family medicine doctor in Rockford, Illinois, before relocating to Colorado and joining Kaiser Permanente.

About my practice

I love family medicine for the opportunity to provide continuity of care and to form long-term patient/doctor relationships. I find it not only interesting to know and treat multiple family members of all ages, but it also empowers me to provide better care. I am a strong believer in preventive medicine, healthy lifestyle, and treating people with the kindness, respect, and compassion that I would like to receive from others. I equally enjoy adult and geriatric medicine. I like to keep a simple and easy-to-understand plan of care as much as possible.

How I thrive

In my free time, I enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature. The mountains’ beautiful and pristine landscapes bring peace and tranquility to my soul. Hiking, running, skiing and yoga give my mind and body relaxation and balance. Family time is always a joy. I am very proud of my two children, who are adults now. One works on new solar energy techniques and one is a nurse.