About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I’ve been working for Kaiser Permanente since 2002. I really feel Kaiser Permanente is a wonderful organization, and I'm glad that my family and I get our care from it.


I came to the United States in 1975, and feel it has been a blessing. I try to give back to the country that adopted my family and me by working as a physician.

About my practice

I’m a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician who cares for members dealing with physical disabilities, such as those that follow strokes. I believe in avoiding medications and narcotics whenever possible, as they have many side effects. I prefer trying conservative treatment first, such as physical therapy. My goal is to help people feel better so they can return to work.

How I thrive

I think working helps keep one's mind and body active, and helps give all of us some purpose in life. I believe in focusing on ability and not disability. I love my work and hope my members find the same joy in their work. I live well by exercising, playing tennis, and keeping up with good friends.