About Me

My interest in medicine originated with a sports injury during my high school years. The injury required surgery. That experience attributed to my decision to segue from a potential sports career into the field of medicine. It may not be the best way to be introduced to a career choice, but it has worked out well for me! I have been practicing medicine since 1987. Over the years, I have continued to participate in the health care of athletes along with providing family medical care. I promote exercise as an integral part of preventive medicine as well as health care therapy.

About my practice

I am a product of the Midwest. My practice is based on listening and understanding exactly what our members are conveying. I can only provide the best care when I understand the patient's condition and perspective. After listening to the patient, I evaluate and investigate until the condition is identified. Treatment and medical therapies are then fully discussed and, when appropriate, negotiated until the plan and expected outcomes are mutual between the member and our health care team. I am trained as a family practice physician and have been providing a broad scope of medicine to patients for over 20 years.

How I thrive

I enjoy the outdoors. I started fishing at an early age and still love the relaxation it affords. It gives me the opportunity to clear my mind and reset my life objectives. I do not exercise as much as I would like, but I strive to eat well and exercise within my life constraints. I also enjoy working on old cars. This has been a passion I have kept from childhood, which I continue to try to pursue. I look forward to having more time for these endeavors after retirement!