About Me

Welcome to my Web page! I'm glad to take this opportunity to share information about myself. It's important that you feel comfortable with me so that we can build trust and a long-term patient-physician relationship, and I hope this page will serve as a good start.


I was born in China and lived there until I was 16 years old. I finished high school in San Francisco, then went to UC Berkeley for my undergraduate studies, majoring in molecular and cell biology. I worked in bacteriology research for two years following graduation until 1999, when I enrolled in Chicago Medical School. I spent the next four years in the Windy City and rotated through various hospitals there for clerkships. In 2003 I returned to the Golden State for residency at the UCLA/VA residency program. In 2006 I was glad to join Kaiser Permanente as a staff physician at the Baldwin Park Medical Center. The idea of joining the medical field and becoming a doctor germinated when my grandfather died of a stroke in 1988. I was raised by him during much of my childhood and was deeply affected by this tragedy. As I grew older I also tried my hand at benchtop research but finally decided that I wanted to help people in a more direct way as a physician. In a nutshell, that's why I'm here today.

About my practice

I believe in helping people help themselves. By and large, people are resourceful and intelligent, although they may sometimes need advice on how to take care of their health. This is where a large part of the internist's role lies. I'm confident that I can serve well in this function of health advocacy and education.

How I thrive

I'm an Internet fanatic; when I'm not working, I tend to work on my two other sizeable Web sites dedicated to my hobby of music critique. I write in both English and Chinese. I'm learning to cook as well, which is always fun. I'm the least athletic of my family (some are professional athletes), but I play ping pong rather well.