About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I am one of a team of urologists at our Panorama City Medical Center.


My association with Kaiser Permanente began around 1960 as a Kaiser member in pediatrics at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles and West Los Angeles Medical Centers. D5I joined Kaiser in 1991 as a staff physician in the Urology Department at the Panorama City Medical Center.

About my practice

Our department deals with disorders of the genitourinary system of the male and the urinary system of the female. Your primary care physician will send a consultation or referral to our department as she or he deems appropriate to manage your health care. We (I and my staff) will do our utmost to successfully treat your urologic problems.The Urology Department at our Panorama City Medical Center is a very cohesive group; most of us have worked well together for many years, having joined the group right out of our residency training programs. While we are a fairly diverse group in many ways, our approach to our practice is similar—and that is to provide the best urologic care possible. We assist each other in reaching that common goal day in and day out.

How I thrive

I work out six days a week at a gym. Physical fitness is a passion to me, and working out allows me to escape and reach that “high.” Given my other responsibilities, I group my leisure activities together; I usually read the newspaper or magazines while watching TV or listening to music at the same time.