About Me

I am originally from Long Island, New York, and moved to Colorado in 2008 after training at NYU. My West Coast forest ranger/arborist/ski lift operator husband was instrumental in getting us to move to Colorado and we couldn’t be happier. We now have two girls and a dog and he stays at home to take care of them. We are loving everything Colorado has to offer and working at Kaiser Permanente has been a great career choice for me and my family.

About my practice

I work in breast imaging and spend most of my day interpreting mammograms and discussing breast health with my patients. I love radiology and this subspecialty allows me to practice radiology while still seeing patients. My goal is to ensure women receive appropriate and affordable breast screening relative to their risk and health. Breast imaging is a rewarding field as the women I see are interested in maintaining breast health and are motivated to get screened and be proactive about their health. I enjoy reassuring patients when their imaging is benign, which is thankfully the majority of my work. I also enjoy participating in every step of breast care and being part of a patient’s breast care team when results are not benign. I respect my patients as partners in maintaining their health and listen to understand their questions and concerns.

How I thrive

I am actively involved in our local American College of Radiology chapter, as well as our government relations team with Kaiser Permanente. I enjoy staying actively involved in our state medical society and state radiology society. I am also very involved in legislation around breast care, and will work to ensure that all women get the appropriate screening and diagnostic exams that they need. I also enjoy spending free time with my kids, volunteering at their school and exploring Colorado with them.