About Me

I arrived to emergency medicine after an initial career in urban planning and international development, which focused on shelter strategies in poor regions. I was able to work on programs in Guatemala, Cuba, and West Africa. After a few years, I wanted a career that remained focused on basic needs but was more people-centered. I attended medical school at Stanford, and trained in emergency medicine at the University of New Mexico, a busy trauma center providing care for diverse populations.

About my practice

I have been an attending emergency physician at Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center since 2006, and love the Pacific Northwest. The Kaiser Permanente model of medicine is somewhat unique in the United States and allows a high level of coordination between services, and close follow-up for our Emergency Department patients.

How I thrive

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling and playing with my two children, and being outside as much as possible going kayaking, hiking, and cross-country skiing. I am also a supervising medical officer with the United States Oregon Disaster Medical Assistance Team which responds to disasters in Oregon, the United States and abroad.