About Me

Thank you for inquiring about the anesthesia department at Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park Medical Offices. We have a group of highly dedicated physicians at Baldwin Park and we strive to provide compassionate and exceptional care to all our patients. The Baldwin Park Medical Offices is the only Kaiser Permanente facility where operating rooms are staffed exclusively with physician anesthesiologists.


I grew up in Arizona and moved to California to attend Occidental College. I finished medical school at USC and went to UCLA for my residency, so during the big game I have both sides covered. I currently live in the San Gabriel Valley with my wife and kids.

About my practice

At Baldwin Park we have an outstanding group of anesthesiologists who care for our patients. We have very low complication rates despite have a very busy practice. Our Pre-op clinic is very effective to help manage medical problems before patients go to surgery, and thus we have a very low day of surgery cancellation rate. We try to provide regional anesthesia for post-operative pain management where appropriate, and we have the latest machinery and equipment to provide safe and effective anesthesia.

How I thrive

I thrive by chasing my kids around and playing as much golf as my wife allows. I attend church and recently I did some relief work in the Democratic Republic of Congo.