Your developing baby – week 11

by Kaiser Permanente |
Fetus at week 11, illustration

Your growing baby is around 2 inches long and is about the size of a fig. Their body is starting to straighten and get longer. Your baby’s moving around a lot, although you probably don’t feel it yet.

Your baby's:

  • Blood vessels are getting larger. To keep enough nutrients flowing, more blood vessels are also growing in the placenta.
  • Face continues to develop this week. Ears are nearly in place on the sides of the head. A tongue has formed in the baby’s mouth.
  • Head remains large, about half of the entire size of the body.
  • Nipples appear on the chest.
  • Fingers and toes are completely separate and no longer webbed.
  • Sex organs continue to develop.
  • The kidneys begin to make urine.


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