Made with love: 9 ideas for homemade holiday gifts

by Kaiser Permanente |
Jars of homemade treats tied with ribbon

Whether you’re rushing store to store or frantically filling your online cart, holiday shopping can be stressful. Gift giving should bring us joy — not anxiety. So, if you’re looking to try something different this year, why not simplify with gifts you can make from the comfort of your own home.

From handmade to homemade, there are many crafty options out there. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some festive favorites. And remember to think about which ones you’d have the most fun making because there are health benefits to doing what you love.

Sweet and spicy treats

Give a gift that will fill their hearts and their bellies. Some of the yummiest treats can include healthy ingredients too.

Once your confections are complete, finish off your jars with handwritten gift tags and old-fashioned twine. And you can add twigs of pine, holly, or other greenery for a festive touch.

Creative coupons

Gift cards and certificates are always an easy go-to when gift giving — but there are ways to take this idea to the next level.

  • For movie lovers in your life, create a movie night kit that includes theater gift cards, snacks, popcorn kernels, and a comfy blanket for those cozy movie nights at home.
  • Spread cheer and relaxation with a spa-themed, self-care package that includes body scrubs, herbal tea, candles, and a spa certificate.
  • Rock your gift list with a music-inspired gift basket and surprise someone with concert tickets, their favorite band T-shirt, a custom playlist, or old-school vinyl records to add to their music collection.

By giving gifts that celebrate interests and hobbies, you can give loved ones a fun activity to look forward to. Plus, making plans to spend quality time together is just one of many ways to show someone you care.

Crafty decor

From sewing and stringing to hot-gluing and painting, bring out your inner child with these artsy-crafty gifts.

  • Handmade ornaments are a fun way to get creative and upcycle materials from around the house (yes, even your empty toilet paper rolls can be transformed with paint, glitter, and a little imagination). Plus, making ornaments together as a family could become a new tradition that brings everyone together in the gift-giving spirit.
  • Scented garlands made from colorful woolen felt balls are easy to string together. Then, just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to each ball for a beautiful scent to be diffused throughout the home all season long.
  • Wreaths and plants are always beautiful when designed and arranged with a personal touch. Purchase small succulents or air plants to place in small pots or jars. Mason jars can also be used to create terrariums with layers of soil and seeds for growing plants.

So instead of heading to the mall this year, avoid the stress and put your creativity to the test. You just may surprise yourself with how crafty you are. Plus, it’s the thought that counts when showing someone you care. And don’t forget those multitasking Mason jars. They’re timeless, reusable, and oh-so-festive.