Enroll your baby in your health plan

by Kaiser Permanente |
Woman smiling and holding baby on couch.

Having a newborn means lots of paperwork. Before you leave the hospital, we’ll help you:

  • Request a birth certificate and Social Security number for your baby.
  • Register your baby’s name. If you don’t have a name for your baby at that time, you can complete a special form later at your county's department of vital records.
  • Review and sign consent forms for newborn vaccinations and other common newborn tests and treatments.

Enroll your newborn within 30 days

At the hospital, your little one will get a Kaiser Permanente Health medical record number. Your maternity benefits will cover your baby for the first 30 days from birth. To keep their health coverage, you'll need to enroll your baby before that time is up.

If you're enrolled in an employer's group plan, contact your employer or group administrator to add your newborn to your plan.

If you're not covered through an employer, ask your care team how to enroll your newborn before you go home.

We look forward to helping your baby stay healthy for many years to come.


*California members have until 31 days after birth to enroll their babies in health coverage.

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