Choosing a pediatrician

by Kaiser Permanente |
Parent holding baby and talking with doctor outside.

Our clinicians who care for children are highly trained and passionate about what they do. Kaiser Permanente’s team of pediatricians, family practice doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants have gone through extensive training and evaluations and are recognized for their expertise. They work together as a team to provide you and your family with seamless, connected care.

Helping your little one to grow up healthy is an important job. Take the time to choose a clinician you like. When you find one who seems right, schedule a “getting to know you” visit at no additional cost. Remember that pediatric clinicians care for children and teens. Family medicine clinicians can see everyone in your family.

Many parents choose a pediatric clinician during their pregnancy. These tips can help you select one who is a good fit for your family:

  • Browse through the profiles on Here you can learn more about their personal and professional backgrounds.
  • Ask friends or another clinician for a recommendation. Most clinicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants are able to accept new patients.
  • Call our Appointment and Advice line to schedule a “getting to know you” visit.

If you need help, someone in the Pediatrics or Family Medicine departments can assist you. After your baby is born, use their medical record number to schedule visits. 

If you have other children who already see a clinician, your baby should be able to see the same person.

You can change your child’s clinician at any time. If you move, your regular clinician isn’t available, or you want to try someone new, don’t worry. Your child’s electronic health record seamlessly follows them.

This article has been created by a national group of Kaiser Permanente ob-gyns, certified nurse-midwives, pediatricians, lactation consultants and other specialists who came together to provide you with the best pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and newborn information.

Some of the content is used and adapted with permission of The Permanente Medical Group.