40 positive affirmations for better self-care and brighter days

by Kaiser Permanente |
happy person with closed eyes thinks positive thoughts

There’s some truth to the old saying “you are what you think.” Negative thinking can give you a more negative outlook on life. And that negative outlook can lead to even more negative thoughts. This cycle of negativity often results in feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression.

To break the cycle, it’s important to reframe your thinking to focus on possibilities and potential. Positive affirmations can shift your internal dialogue and help keep negative thoughts at bay.  

What is an affirmation?

The word “affirm” means to validate or confirm. Affirmations are short, encouraging statements that you can use to create a more positive frame of mind. 

You can repeat an affirmation to yourself as often as you’d like — while brushing your teeth, driving to work, or before you fall asleep. The more often you use an affirmation, the more it can help reinforce your sense of value and self-worth.

Affirmations to try today

Try using one of these affirmations throughout your day. By the end of the day, you may notice that you’re feeling more positive and motivated.

  1. I am ready.
  2. My efforts help me succeed.
  3. I can make a real difference.
  4. My hard work will pay off.
  5. I am strong.
  6. I have the power to make the right choices for me.
  7. I have faith in my abilities.
  8. I got this.
  9. I am grateful for what I can do.
  10. I am happy to be me.
  11. My goals are achievable.
  12. I am confident.
  13. I will be kind to myself today.
  14. I am on the right path for me.
  15. I deserve love in my life.
  16. I will take action to accomplish my goals.
  17. I will celebrate the progress I’m making to reach my goals
  18. I will look for the good in things.
  19. I am always learning.
  20. I trust myself.
  21. I will try new things.
  22. I will turn negative thoughts into positive ones.
  23. I will accept myself as I am.
  24. I love myself.
  25. I will make time for what brings me joy. 
  26. I am powerful.
  27. I believe in myself.
  28. It’s OK for me to have fun.
  29. My possibilities are endless.
  30. I am well-rested and full of energy.
  31. I am relaxed and at peace.
  32. I am strong in mind, body, and spirit.
  33. My life is a gift.
  34. I deserve love and happiness.
  35. I care for myself.
  36. Healthy food fuels my body.
  37. Today, I will take steps to reach my goals.
  38. I give myself room to make mistakes and grow.
  39. I will find moments of joy today.
  40. I embrace my power.

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