Learning About Gun Safety for Teens

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Why is it important to think about gun safety?

Guns are common in our society. Even if you've never seen a gun in person, you've probably seen them in video games, TV shows, and movies. If your family has a tradition of hunting, or if you go to shooting ranges or gun clubs, you may have direct experience with guns. Whether you have used a gun or not, it's good to think about safety. And it's important to understand that curiosity about guns can lead to deadly accidents.

Wherever there are guns, there can be accidental shootings. This is more likely in households where guns aren't stored properly.

As a teen, you have more freedom than younger children. But you also have more responsibility. If there are guns in your home, make sure they're stored safely to protect you, your family, and your friends.

What can you do to prevent gun violence and accidents?

  • If you're interested in guns, take a class to learn how to handle them safely.
  • If there are guns in your house, they should be stored:
    • Unloaded.
    • Locked in a secure location. And the keys should be hidden.
    • With the safety device on.
    • Separate from ammunition. It's also important to lock up the ammunition.
  • If you're concerned that the guns in your house aren't stored properly, talk to a parent.
  • If you ever see a gun at school, tell a school official or a trusted adult right away.

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Where can you learn more?

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