Learning About High-Iron Foods

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What foods are high in iron?

The foods you eat contain nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals. Iron is a nutrient. Your body needs the right amount to stay healthy and work as it should. You can use the list below to help you make choices about which foods to eat.

Here are some foods that contain iron. They have 1 to 2 milligrams of iron per serving.


  • Figs (dried), 5 figs


  • Asparagus (canned), 6 spears
  • Collard, beet, Swiss chard, or turnip greens, 1 cup
  • Dried peas, cooked, ½ cup
  • Seaweed, spirulina (dried), ¼ cup
  • Spinach, (cooked) ½ cup or (raw) 1 cup


  • Cereals, fortified with iron, 1 cup
  • Grits (instant, cooked), fortified with iron, ½ cup

Meats and other protein foods

  • Beans (kidney, lima, navy, white), canned or cooked, ½ cup
  • Beef or lamb, 3 oz
  • Chicken giblets, 3 oz
  • Chickpeas (garbanzo beans), ½ cup
  • Liver of beef, lamb, or pork, 3 oz
  • Oysters (cooked), 3 oz
  • Sardines (canned), 3 oz
  • Soybeans (boiled), ½ cup
  • Tofu (firm), ½ cup

Work with your doctor to find out how much of this nutrient you need. Depending on your health, you may need more or less of it in your diet.

Where can you learn more?

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