Learning About Helping Your Child Build Resilience

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How can you help your child be more resilient?

Resilience is an inner strength that helps anyone, at any age, bounce back after a rough time.

You may not be able to protect children from life's challenges. But you can help them become more resilient so they have ways to handle whatever may come their way.

Here are some tips.

  • Let children explore their feelings.

    Try saying, "It's okay to be sad or angry. Let's figure out ways for you to vent. Do you want to draw a picture about how you feel?"

  • Explain how an event fits into a bigger picture.

    Sometimes an experience can teach children about themselves. Encourage them to imagine how this event may help them in the future. Could it help them be a better friend to someone facing a similar situation?

  • Help children see how strong they are.

    Be specific. For example you might remind them of another bad time in their life. "Remember when you broke your leg? You were so brave. And now your leg is strong and doesn't hurt anymore."

  • Help children understand and accept change.

    This may be the first time they've felt a loss. Help them discover that even though they can't change what happened, they can choose how they respond.

  • Be the example of resilience.

    Your child is watching how you react and cope. Be honest about how you're feeling. It's okay to show your emotions and what you do to take care of yourself.

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