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What is MyChart?

MyChart is an online care management tool that’s been helping Kaiser Permanente members make informed decisions about their health for over 10 years.

With MyChart, you can make fast and easy health decisions and get updates about your care needs — now with a new look and location on

What’s changing?

You’ll still be able to access all the same tools and manage your Kaiser Permanente care on and our app. But these features have a new look and location on

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Messaging your care team
  • Viewing your medical records and documents

Billing and benefits information, our drug encyclopedia, and articles will stay the same.

Is my health information secure with MyChart?

As always, your health information is secure on and our app. Kaiser Permanente has worked with MyChart for over 10 years to help our members safely manage their health online..

Can I still use and the Kaiser Permanente app to manage my care?

Yes. You’ll still use and our app to manage your Kaiser Permanente care online. Some features may have a new look and location, but you’ll still log in with your account and have access to the same tools.

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