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If you have any questions about the pre-certification request form, the pre-certification process, or what services require pre-certification, please call us directly at the appropriate phone number below designated to the member’s plan.

Permanente Advantage, LLC
8954 Rio San Diego Drive, Ste 406
San Diego, CA 92108

For Submission of Pre-Certification requests, you may submit the completed Pre-Certification form, along with clinical documentation for review by fax or email to the following:

Fax: 1-866-338-0266

Note: The use of this email is ONLY for submission of pre-certification requests. Any emails received regarding inquiries or request for status will NOT be reviewed. You will need to contact the member’s designated region by phone and speak with a live representative.

Mid-Atlantic Members: 1-888-567-6847
Hours of Operation: Mon – Fri
5:30am PST – 4:00pm PST (8:30am EST – 7:00pm EST)

Georgia Members: 1-855-265-0311
Hours of Operation: Mon – Fri
5:30am PST – 4:00pm PST (8:30am EST – 7:00pm EST)

Colorado Members: 1-888-525-1553
Hours of Operation: Mon – Fri
7:00am PST – 6:00pm PST (8:00am MST – 7:00pm MST)

California Members: 1-888-251-7052
Hours of Operation: Mon – Fri
8:00am PST – 7:00pm PST (8:00am PST – 7:00pm PST)

Hawaii Members: 1-888-529-1553
Hours of Operation: Mon – Fri
11:00am PST – 7:00pm PST (8:00am HST – 4:00pm HST)

**Voicemails received will be returned, at the latest, on our next business day. Please DO NOT leave more than ONE message, as this may delay our response.