About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I'm glad to have this chance to introduce myself and to tell you a bit about my practice. I always try to make sure any approach to maximizing a member’s health is a team effort.


I was born and raised in Orange County, and have spent my entire professional career with Kaiser Permanente right here. I graduated from USC Keck School of Medicine, and I’m an avid USC football fan—even in tough times. I practice family medicine 50 percent of my time and, in the other 50, I work hard for you as Southern California's Regional Director of Health Education and Promotion. That role takes me from Bakersfield to the border and everywhere in between!

About my practice

I believe family medicine is about taking a holistic approach to health. Instead of giving out painkillers, I encourage members to explore the power of the body and mind to heal themselves via both traditional and alternative therapies. Instead of turning to a "magic pill," I encourage optimal health through clean living, healthy relationships, stress management, mindful healthy eating, and daily exercise. I only prescribe medications for quantity or quality of life—the rest of the art of medicine is about helping my members take control of their own health.

How I thrive

There are two places you can find me outside the office every day—on the tennis court (USTA rating 5.5), or at the gym working out during my lunch hour. I practice what I preach. Otherwise, I enjoy spending every waking moment I can with my family, and believe everything we strive to achieve in life must be kept in balance. The absence of balance can lead to poor physical, mental, and emotional health. Now get off the computer, get up, and get moving!