About Me

Welcome to my Web page. My family has been a member since 1962! I have been with Kaiser Permanente for 30 years practicing obstetrics and gynecology. I want the same positive experience for you that my family has enjoyed all this time.


My dad was a New York City fire department retiree when he came to California. In his opinion, Kaiser Permanente was the only cost-effective comprehensive medical program at that time. I could see in his eyes and my Mom's how important this program was to them. It has inspired me to serve here for a lifetime. I trained at UCLA for college and medical school.. I have been board certified since 1980. My wife and I have been married for 33 years. My oldest son is now in medical school and my youngest son is working on graduate degrees in Art History.

About my practice

My practice is now primarily gynecology and infertility. I want to listen to you and your concerns. I want you to be treated as I would want my Mom to be treated. We want you to understand what happened at your visit and will given you a printed summary of your diagnoses, tests and instructions. We want you to be able to contact our office easily and will show you how to e-mail our office in a secure way through kp.org.

How I thrive

I can't take care of you if I don't take care of myself. I make sure I exercise regularly and keep a treadmill in my house. I avoid fast food, red meat and sweets and eat lots of fruit and vegetables. I make sure I get enough rest and spend time with my family daily. I also enjoy my hobbies. My family loves trips to Yosemite and I also enjoy photography, music, stamp collecting, travel, museums and attending concerts. I am active in my community and feel my experiences there help bring perspective to my practice.