About Me

I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin. Spent 4 years in Mississippi for my undergraduate degree, studying and playing lots of golf. I graduated podiatry school from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, near Chicago, IL. Then found my way to the pacific northwest for residency training and haven't looked back. Cycling is my sport of choice, road and mountain. In addition, snowboarding, live music, movies and I'll still swing a golf club if the mood should strike.

About my practice

I am one of the ten physicians in the Podiatry Department. We have a very efficient and caring support staff. You will find this team very helpful from the time you call for an appointment. My practice is oriented toward treating all pathologies of the foot and ankle. While I enjoy being a diagnostician in clinic and performing surgery, the most important part of my job is educating people to help them make their own decisions about their care.

How I thrive

Instead of worrying about how I can possibly be a doctor AND have a life; I choose to HAVE a life and be a doctor. Job satisfaction is important, but it is the things outside of work that make up most of the big picture. A gnarly mountain bike trail, walking off the first tee at 6 am, or experience something new and growing from it.