About Me

My wife and I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2001 to start our careers and life together. It was a hectic time! We married, bought a house, started a new job, and made a major move — from Michigan to this beautiful part of the country. My family includes my wife and two boys; we thoroughly enjoy the Pacific Northwest and have no plans to leave. I was exposed to the medical field at an early age. My father was a general surgeon, and I remember going to the hospital with him when I was young. My uncle and grandfather were also physicians. It is no wonder that my sister and I both chose to enter the medical field.

About my practice

As a general surgeon, I take care of members with many conditions, including different types of cancers, hernias, intestinal conditions requiring surgery, and thyroid and parathyroid conditions. I have a specific interest in thyroid and parathyroid surgeries and have performed many of them locally and abroad during medical missions. When I meet patients for the first time, I try to get to know the person — not just their conditions. I feel that connection is extremely important in my practice. Additionally, I have outstanding teams in both the office and the operating room, which allows me to offer excellent care. I really enjoy patients who take an active role in their health and find that they have the best outcomes.

How I thrive

I enjoy a variety of activities to “keep moving." I like to spend time with my family, as well as play tennis and hockey, and water- and snow ski. I enjoy yard work, as it allows me to unwind from my workday. On a professional level, medical missions rejuvenate me and allow me to help and treat others who don't have access to medical care. This is one of the reasons I went to medical school.