About Me

I transferred from Kaiser Permanente Southern California where I worked for almost 14 years. I was very fortunate to have a variety of roles at that facility interacting with many patients in a variety of ways. It was a rich and creative time for me. I have landed in the most beautiful state and enjoy working with my new colleagues and exploring Oregon.

About my practice

I enjoy working for Kaiser Permanente and being part of amazing teams. I like knowing that members are receiving support in every area of their lives by working with our vast network of providers. I enjoy working with Spanish speaking members and the interpreters who support us to bridge the language gap. I like to work with the mind and body connection and consider meditation an important part of good mental and physical health. I work with members to enhance their lives and well-being through exercise, healthy eating and trying new things in life. I am an active therapist that believes that awareness is the first step and taking action is the heart and soul of change. My philosophy is to enrich ourselves through better and more efficient life management tools.

How I thrive

I am an enthusiastic life participant. I enjoy running, hiking, long walks, cooking, entertaining friends and family, traveling, biking, knitting and trying to learn something new each year. I have been studying Spanish for the past few years and play bridge weekly which requires a great deal of studying and commitment. I am enjoying Oregon and all it has to offer. Presently I am working on visiting all the "Seven Wonders of Oregon."