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There are a variety of Special Enrollment Periods that allow for you to apply for Medicare after you’re 65, such as if you/your spouse is continuing to work.

You are entitled to defer Part B without penalty if you/your spouse is continuing to work and maintaining health care and prescription drug coverage that is equivalent to Medicare’s, from an employer group or union with 20 or more employees.

When you “defer”:

  • You won’t need to sign up for Part B until either you or your spouse retires or loses your employer-provided health coverage.

  • You save Part B premiums and avoid penalties.

  • 3 months before you or your spouse retire you want to begin signing up for your Medicare Part B and your Medicare Advantage plan for the smoothest transition and to avoid penalties.

  • You will be required to submit proof of employment in addition to a Part B application.

There are two ways to defer Part B:

Railroad employees:
Contact the Railroad Board at 1-800-772-5772
(TTY 1-312-751-4701).
What is Part B of Medicare?

Part B provides medical coverage for outpatient services.

How much does Medicare Part B cost each month?

There is a Standard monthly premium for Medicare Part B enrollees. However, if you are considered high income you may be charged a higher premium. Contact Social Security to learn more.

What are the penalties for signing up late for Part B?

If you don’t sign up for Part B when you are eligible, and do not qualify for a special enrollment period, a late enrollment penalty may be added to your monthly Part B premium.

  • This penalty applies for as long as you’re on Medicare.
  • The longer you wait to sign up for Part B, the higher this monthly penalty will be. For every 12-month period that you don’t sign up when you could have, your monthly premium can increase by 10% and maxes out at 100%, which is equal to 10 years.
  • This penalty will be included as part of the premium you owe each month for as long as you have Medicare.