Your personalized action plan

Please be aware that if you fall into one of the categories listed below, you may have a unique situation. We encourage you contact our Kaiser Permanente Medicare specialists to learn how Medicare guidelines apply to your unique situation.

Contact our Kaiser Permanente Medicare specialists, if:

  • You are eligible for retiree employer group/union health plan coverage

  • Have more than one health plan coverage

  • Are working for a small business

  • Are eligible for financial assistance from the state

  • Are not qualified for “free” Part A

  • If you think you may have a unique situation not listed
Can I have my Medicare assigned to more than one coverage at a time?

No. Medicare can only be assigned to one health plan at a time. Please call us to learn more about how Medicare guidelines apply to your situation.

Can I continue my employer coverage after I retire?
It depends on your eligibility. Contact your employer or union benefits administrator to learn more. Once you determine your eligibility, ask your employer group/union about their Medicare health plan options, and how to apply for your group’s Kaiser Permanente Medicare Advantage health plan.