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Glossary of key terms

Knowing these important terms might help you as you're comparing options.

Coinsurance. Percentage of charges you pay when you receive a covered service

Copayment. Specific dollar amount you pay when you receive certain covered services or prescriptions

Deductible. Fixed amount you must pay in a calendar year before Kaiser Permanente will cover certain services in that calendar year

Generic vs. brand. Generic medications are less expensive, but chemically identical copies of their brand-name equivalents.

Hospitalization services. These include room and board, surgery, anesthesia, X-rays, lab tests and drugs.

Health savings account (HSA). A savings account intended to be used for health care expenses

Monthly rate/premium. The fixed amount that you'll pay every month for health coverage

Out-of-pocket maximum. The most you have to pay for covered medical services in a calendar year

Preventive care. Includes screening exams, routine preventive physical exams for adults and children, prenatal care, and vaccines (immunizations)

Primary and specialty care. Medical office visits that include routine preventive care, care for illness and injuries, and urgent care

Subsidized plans. Select health care plans that are supported financially in part or in whole by state or federal governments, or by Kaiser Permanente

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