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If a change is in your future

We suggest the following if your group coverage from Kaiser Permanente is ending and you will not continue with us through another plan.

  1. See your doctor one more time while you're still covered. It's a good idea to have a final checkup and get advice on what kind of care you might need in the near future. But first, double-check the date your coverage ends so that you're not surprised by unexpected changes.

  2. Get copies of your medical records. Be sure to have your medical record number (MRN) and those of all your covered dependents handy. Then call the business office at the medical center associated with the medical offices where you normally receive care (See Your Guidebook to Kaiser Permanente Services or go to kp.org for phone numbers). The business office can give you copies of your medical records, which are usually kept for up to seven years after the termination date. You'll be asked to fill out a medical authorization form and check off the terms you need, such as:

    • general medical information, including immunization records
    • details about certain injuries, illnesses, and treatments
    • X-ray and lab test results

    Colorado residents should contact the Release of Information department at
    303-404-4700, or fax 303-404-4750.

  3. Consider your pharmacy options. You can still get prescription refills through Kaiser Permanente pharmacies after your coverage ends—but you'll typically pay a higher nonmember rate. Or you can switch easily to a non-Kaiser Permanente pharmacy. Just have the Kaiser Permanente pharmacy phone number and your prescription number ready when you visit or call your pharmacist, who can then transfer your prescriptions by phone.

Explore options in your region for continuing coverage.


Whichever direction you pursue, we are here to help.

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