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Continuing coverage that's right for you—right now

Your circumstances may have changed, and we're here to help you navigate the options. There are many ways to continue your health care coverage.

First, it's important to ask yourself key questions. Then, look at options in your area for specific information.

Want to keep your coverage?
You may start by considering COBRA, which offers temporary continuation of the same coverage you had through your employer. Another possibility for you may be one of our conversion plans, in which you convert your existing group coverage into an individual plan.

Looking for comprehensive coverage?
One of our copayment plans for individuals and families may be right for you.

Want lower premiums?
One of our deductible plans for individuals and families may be a good choice.

Want a savings plan for medical expenses?
Check out our HSA-qualified deductible plans.

Are you a Senior Advantage, Medicare Plus, or Medicare-eligible member?
Check out our individual plan for Medicare-eligible members.

Not sure if you can still afford health coverage? Medicaid, Childrens Health Insurance Program (CHIP), our Charitable Health Coverage plans, or Medical Financial Assistance may help.

For more information...
Please go to the menu at right and select where you would like to receive care and services.

Explore options in your region for continuing coverage.


Whichever direction you pursue, we are here to help.

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