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Headline: Childhood obesity: What families can do together

Headline: Childhood obesity, Subhead: What families can do together

Over the past 20 years, childhood obesity in the United States has:
It's a serious issue that can have consequences well into adulthood. Kaiser Permanente is taking action to help families tackle this problem head on.

Our free online video game, The Incredible Adventures of the Amazing Food Detective, is a fun way children can learn how to make healthy eating and activity choices. With the help of the Amazing Food Detective, players try to "crack" eight cases of kids who are in need of healthier habits. The colorful cartoon game, available in English or Spanish, stops after 20 minutes to encourage the players to get active.

We've also joined forces with Scholastic, the children's publishing company, to create educational materials to go with the game. They include:
Also, be sure to check out these healthy living resources for the whole family. Together, we can solve the problem of childhood obesity.
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