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As a Kaiser Permanente member, you can choose one or both of these monthly ClassPass1 plans:

  • Plan 1: On-demand video workouts — Get access to a vast on-demand audio and video library, which includes a wide variety of workouts and meditations ranging from 5 to 75 minutes. $0/month. No credit card required for sign-up.

  • Plan 2: Livestream & in-person workouts — Get 20% off a monthly package to reserve in-person and livestream fitness classes, plus get access to plan 1’s vast on-demand library of workouts. Not sure if you want a monthly package? Plan 2 includes a 45-day trial period (30-day trial period for residents of Washington, D.C.) where you can try livestream and in-person workouts for $0. A credit card is required for sign-up, but you won’t be charged anything. After the 45-day trial period (30-day trial period for residents of Washington, D.C.), you’ll automatically roll over to plan 1, the $0 on-demand video workouts. At the end of the trial period, you’ll also have the option to purchase a monthly package for 20% off the retail price.


How to get your special ClassPass rate

  1. To get started, visit From here, you’ll get access to your reduced-rate plans. 
  2. You’ll be prompted to create a ClassPass account. 
  3. Choose your plan. (Either on-demand video workouts or the livestream & in-person workouts.) Follow the prompts. 
  4. Once you’ve set up your account, you’re ready to go on ClassPass. Your membership will begin immediately after purchase and will renew monthly. 
  5. To start using your ClassPass membership, you can either download the ClassPass app or go to
  6. From the ClassPass app or, click “Log in” and enter your ClassPass account information. 
  7. Take a class and start sweating.


*Medi-Cal member eligibility for ClassPass is pending regulatory approval.

ClassPass is not available to Kaiser Permanente Dental-only members.

The services described above are not covered under your health plan benefits and are not subject to the terms set forth in your Evidence of Coverage or other plan documents. These services may be discontinued at any time without notice. 

These value-added products are neither offered nor guaranteed under contract with the FEHB Program, but are made available to all enrollees and family members who become members of Kaiser Permanente.