About Me

I grew up in Florida then went to medical school in New York and internal medicine residency in Portland Oregon. After finishing residency, I stayed in Portland working for Kaiser Permanente Northwest for six Years. In 2015, I moved to Ann Arbor, MI and worked at the University of Michigan for two years while my wife did training there. After she finished her training, we moved to Colorado to be closer to family and enjoy the outdoors.

About my practice

I chose internal medicine and primary care because I like the breadth of issues it deals with and dealing with acute problems, chronic illness, as well as maintaining wellness. I want to make sure that my patients understand why we are ordering tests or reasons for any treatments. I work with my patients to make treatment plans that meet their needs and lifestyles. Electronic medical records help me to see the big picture of a patient’s health, so I can make good use of our time together and answer my patient’s questions. The best part about being a primary care doctor besides being able to help people is getting to know my patients and building therapeutic relationship with them.

How I thrive

My family and I enjoy the outdoors, fishing, hiking, road biking, and camping.