About Me

I consider it an honor and a privilege to be part of another person's journey of discovery and healing. I have always been a firm believer that we can help heal our own wounds and find peace. Being raised by a mother who is a nurse and a father with an insatiable passion for learning and philosophy, it is not surprising that I would end up in psychology, the crossroad between medicine and philosophy. Family has always offered a welcome distraction from my intellectual pursuits, forcing me to remain balanced by visiting beaches and mountains, staying active, chasing after children and pets, and reminding me of what is truly important in my life. As a psychologist and a mother, I am lucky to be able to fulfill my natural inclination to nurture people and share knowledge that leads others on a path towards clarity and personal growth.

About my practice

My position as a psychotherapist in the Behavioral Health Department is the perfect fit for my professional philosophy of emphasizing the importance of holistic care. Kaiser Permanente's Total Health campaign embodies my belief in the importance of the mind-body connection for health and wellness. I believe people are amazingly unique, and that is why I draw from various theoretical orientations including psychodynamic, interpersonal and cognitive behavioral therapy. My job is to share my knowledge with you in a collaborative way that helps you make your own decisions that are balanced, rational and well-explored, strengthening your own reasoning and decision-making skills to increase your independence and self-esteem. I am here to give you a space to try out new ways of being, thinking and feeling. When we learn how to work through our negative emotions with others, it increases our relationship skills and helps us learn how to maintain relationships and manage our emotions in a healthy way. There is nothing I want more than for you to push through your fears and live the life you want to live.

How I thrive

I thrive by achieving a healthy balance between my personal interests, relationships and professional passions. I thrive when my mind, body and soul are healthy. I achieve balance by spending my time dedicated to spirituality, work, being with friends and family, traveling, listening to music, reading, being physically active, appreciating the arts and doing just about anything that allows me to be outdoors.