About Me

Originally from the Boston area, I have been in Atlanta since 1998. I was born in Blackstone, MA, a small town with about 7,000 people located about an hour south of Boston. I was 14 when we got our first traffic light!I grew up in a large family with eight brothers and one sister, which taught me how to eat fast and speak loudly! My family is still in the New England area. My father was a farmer, and later, a truck driver, and my mom worked on an assembly line her whole life. Their hard work instilled me with a strong work ethic.I attended college in New England and completed medical school and my internship in the Miami area. Following my residency and a fellowship in interventional radiology, I worked in South Carolina as an interventional and magnetic resonance (MR) radiologist for several years before moving to Atlanta. I have come to love Atlanta, and I think it is a wonderful place to live with great weather, great food and music, and a diverse and interesting population. I plan to stay for a while!

About my practice

I think Kaiser Permanente is a great place to work. I practice diagnostic radiology and work with a great group of people who are friends as well as fellow physicians. I work to be the best radiologist I can be and am constantly reading about diagnostic advances. I believe in giving clear and concise reports with important diagnostic information, which can help the referring clinicians.I am currently the magnetic resonance (MR) lead for our department and constantly strive to improve our department, especially image quality. My goal is to make certain that every study that leaves our department is the best it can be since this is what is best for patient care.

How I thrive

I love being a radiologist and cannot imagine being anything else. Often times my fellow Kaiser Permanente physician friends will see me outside of work and say, "Are you reading about radiology again?" I really do enjoy it!I do have other interests though. I keep active as a member of a water polo team, have been on several tennis teams in the past, and recently picked up archery. I believe in being a good person who is open-minded and works hard. I realize how lucky I have been, especially when I think about how hard my parents worked and for comparatively little. I give back by doing volunteer work with those afflicted with HIV/AIDS.