About Me

I was born in Newark, N.J., where I lived until high school. I then attended high school in St. Albans, N.Y. Prior to moving to Atlanta 1995, I worked in Jacksonville, Fla. I moved to Georgia primarily by the influence of my father's family, who live in the Lithonia and Snellville area. I am the eldest of a large family, and I have one son. My two other “children” are Teka, a Pomeranian, and Shadow, a Golden Retriever.

About my practice

Influenced by my mother who was in the nursing field, I knew since high school that I wanted to be a physician. I have worked in a health maintenance organization (HMO) setting my entire professional life, and I began working for Kaiser Permanente in 2000. Although I am a family medicine physician, my practice now focuses on adult medicine.

How I thrive

I like to start my day with devotion and religious meditation in the mornings. I enjoy exercising and traveling.