About Me

I feel privileged to have a career in medicine and to provide medical care for children of all ages. Following completion of my undergraduate degree at The Colorado College in Colorado Springs, I attended medical school at the University of Colorado (I left with a diploma and a wife). I completed two years of pediatric residency at the University of Arizona (I left with a diploma and a daughter), and then one year at the University of Hawaii (I left with a diploma and a son). I have been practicing in the field of general pediatrics since 1985.

About my practice

I am honored to become a small part of the lives of the families for whom I provide care. My goal in the exam room is to provide information with which families can make educated choices, and to act as a steward on their behalf to preserve and protect the health of their children. With every visit, I invest time in evaluating not only the physical health of the child, but also the emotional well-being of the family. I have a special interest in the area of early childhood hearing loss, and through the American Academy of Pediatrics I serve on a national newborn hearing screening task force.

How I thrive

Away from work, I enjoy time with my two children, now young adults, whenever possible, and I try to spend some time outdoors. You will often find me wading the river with a fly-fishing pole in hand, but when the water is muddy look for me on a bicycle or out on the golf course. And when the sun goes down, you'll find me sitting by the fire with my guitar, writing a song or two and recharging my battery.