About Me

I am from Salt Lake City, Utah, but have lived in Denver, Colorado for more than 14 years. I moved to Colorado because I love the mountains and the recreational opportunities similar to my home state of Utah, but wanted to live where I could work in an integrated health system such as Kaiser Permanente. I am a diagnostic radiologist with additional sub-specialty fellowship training in Body Imaging. I also do a limited number of outpatient interventional radiology procedures such as biopsies, where I enjoy the opportunity to interact directly with patients. I lived in Austria for a few years and speak fluent German, which was my undergraduate major before starting medical school.

About my practice

My primary concern is putting the patient first by taking the time to do a high-quality, detailed interpretation of the patient’s imaging study, carefully comparing it to prior internal and outside imaging studies when needed, and working with the patient's providers to be certain I am addressing the question or concern which prompted the imaging study. I chose diagnostic radiology as my specialty because it allows me to work with physicians from almost all other areas of medicine. This in turn allows me the opportunity to understand and diagnose a broad range of medical conditions in patients from all walks of life. It also integrates my interests in advanced imaging technology, anatomy, and the more visual aspect of medicine and diagnosis through imaging.

How I thrive

I spend as much time as possible in the mountains, skiing, hiking, and bicycling. I also love to travel and learn about new places, people and cultures.