About Me

Welcome to my home page. I'm happy to have a chance to tell you a little about my practice and myself. I feel fortunate to be working in an environment where quality health care and a personalized practice of medicine are highly valued. I look forward to helping to take care of your plastic and reconstructive surgery needs.


I was born in Pusan, Korea and moved to New Jersey at age 8. While my formative years and education were on the East Coast, I came to Los Angeles in 1991, moved to Palos Verdes in 1994, and can't see living anywhere else. I met my wife at Children's Hospital Los Angeles and now have three very energetic and interesting young men!

About my practice

My practice encompasses the full gamut of plastic surgery -- breast reconstruction, microsurgery, cleft lip and palate surgery, hand surgery, and cosmetic surgery. It is practiced in a very friendly and supportive environment with a team of dedicated nurses, clinic assistants, estheticians, and USC plastic surgery residents.

How I thrive

Balance in all things is very important, and my family life helps keep everything in perspective for me. Being the father of three teenagers keeps me fairly active, and I try to stay fit to keep up with them. I enjoy running, bicycling, playing tennis, sailing and golf, as well as sports by the seasons, skiing, soccer, baseball, etc.