About Me

I was born and raised in Michigan in a multicultural environment. As I child, I frequently visited my uncle and aunt in the bustling city of Mumbai. It was in their home, where their medical practice was based, that I first witnessed the fascinating world of medicine. The doors to my aunt and uncle's practice were always open to the lowest of Mumbai's diverse social strata. At that impressionable age, I began to appreciate the miracles of medical practice and the ethical responsibilities of a physician, spurring me to consider a future in this field. I ultimately decided to pursue medicine because I believe that only as a medical professional would I be able to fully express my intellectual curiosity and humanitarian values.

About my practice

I take pride in taking care of members of all ages. I strive to treat each patient as if they are a member of my own family. I enjoy forming relationships with our members and learning about their unique backgrounds and goals. This allows me to provide personalized care that achieves my patients' desired outcomes.

I strongly believe in lifelong learning and consistently take continuing medical education courses to provide the highest quality of care for our members. As both a board-certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist, my training allows me to comprehensively formulate treatment plans for our members.

How I thrive

Growing up, I thoroughly enjoyed athletics and played basketball, soccer and track in high school. More recently, I have developed a strong interest in weight training and various forms of cardiovascular exercise. I also regularly practice transcendental meditation. I believe starting the day with meditation and a rigorous workout allows me to thrive in mind, body and spirit. I also enjoy learning about human optimization with my goal to become the best version of myself for both my patients and family.