About Me

I was born and raised in the Philippines, which is very similar to Hawaii in many ways, such as the weather, the topography, and the people. These similarities are primarily why I chose to work and live in Hawaii, and I feel right at home here.

About my practice

It was my childhood dream to become a doctor, and I've never wanted to do anything else. Because I’m the first doctor in my family, I chose the specialty of family medicine, which allows me to become familiar with the most common diseases families face. In addition, I'm a firm believer in preventive care, which is a large part of family medicine.

My professional affiliations include membership in the American Medical Association and the American Association of Family Practitioners. To stay abreast of current research, I read medical journals and participate in continued medical education. In addition to English I speak Tagalog and some medical Spanish. 

I was happy to join Hawaii Permanente Medical Group, in part because my family members and friends who work here have very warm and positive feelings toward Kaiser Permanente.

My philosophy of care is that prevention is preferable to cure. I strive my best to help patients live a healthy and active lifestyle. To connect with my patients, I try to get to know them at a personal level. 

How I thrive

In my leisure time I enjoy dancing, running, lounging at the beach, and traveling.