About Me

I’m the youngest of 10 children and I grew up in a very small farming and mining community nestled in Northwestern Colorado. While I loved the area and the feel of small-town living, the Western slope did not offer the type of academic preparation Denver did at the time. I moved to Denver to attend the University of Colorado. As a volunteer in the emergency room, I learned of the opportunities in training and health career paths available. After a five year layover at UCD studying biology, I began my focused study toward becoming a nurse practitioner. I took the scenic route obtaining my education and training. It was during my undergraduate work that I met my wonderful wife, Racheal. We have four children that keep us very busy. While continuing to practice, I completed my master’s degree and doctorate degree.

About my practice

Having worked for Kaiser Permanente since 1999 in other capacities, I joined Westminster Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2002 as a nurse practitioner. My goal is to meet patients where they are in the moment. I present my patients with all treatment options and respect their decisions based on those options. Delivering non-judgmental, respectful care is of utmost importance. I enjoy all aspects of my career but I particularly enjoy performing in-office procedures such as colposcopy, obtaining biopsies, LEEPs, IUD insertion and other contraceptive implants, and sonography.

How I thrive

I thrive by spending time with family and friends as well as travelling. I enjoy playing golf although I’m not sure why because I am terrible at it. I keep a positive attitude through maintaining my faith, remaining optimistic and keeping a sense of humor.