About Me

I have enjoyed living in Atlanta since 2004, but I am proud to call Birmingham, Ala. home. My interest in medicine began during an elementary school career day. A classmate's father, a well-respected internist in the community, was one of the presenters. He talked to us about the joys and challenges of practicing medicine. He referred to the medical training and life experience as "delayed gratification." This description holds true for me today. I am blessed to work with individuals daily and make a difference in their lives. The gratification is priceless.

About my practice

I am proud to be a part of the growing Behavioral Health Department as a psychiatrist. In addition to treating our general adult patients, I have the pleasure of focusing on the geriatric population. As I geriatric psychiatrist, I interact with geriatric patients, family members and primary care physicians cohesively to provide optimum mental health care. I also represent the Behavioral Health Department on the Kaiser Permanente Elder Care Team. This integrated team meets weekly and provides great oversight of the geriatric population in our network. I am also interested in cultural psychiatry and enhancing mental health outreach in minority communities.

How I thrive

It is important for me to recharge so that I can provide the best care for our members. I keep in close communication with family and friends, including frequent visits to Birmingham to check on my parents. I also enjoy being "long-distance aunt" to my niece and nephews. Outside of work, you can find me enjoying a play, knitting handbags or scarves, participating in church and sorority activities or attending the kickboxing class at my gym.