About Me

I was born and raised in the Bronx, went to college and medical school at Columbia University, and completed my Radiology Residency program at New York University. I moved to Portland in 1990 and consider both New York and Oregon to be my homes. I am married with one son; we are close to my wife's family and my own, even though mine remains back East. I chose to work at Kaiser Permanente as soon as I completed training because I admired their patient-centered philosophy. I have come to love and, I hope, contribute to the service orientation of the organization.

About my practice

I am a diagnostic radiologist with training in image-guided procedures such as biopsies. My practice includes plain reading x-rays, ultrasound, CT, MRI, and mammograms. My goal is to provide our clinicians with enough information to help them take the best possible care of our patients.

How I thrive

I thrive by spending time in a loving and mutually supportive home with my family, and by doting on our two pets, one cat and one dog, the latter named Rudy, after New York's (and America's) Mayor. My wife and I want to give back to a community and a country that have been so good to us, so we support local charities, including the food bank and the animal shelter in our town, as well as veterans organizations. We are also are active in politics, hoping to pass the blessings of the greatest country in the world on to our children.