About Me

I grow up in Minnesota in a close family that had a very positive influence on my life and career choice. My mother was a medical technologist, my paternal grandmother was a midwife and my father worked for a couple years as an orderly. I became determined to get an education and to do something with my life that would in some way help my community.My father says I started talking about being a doctor when I was in the third grade, and I know that I became committed to this career choice when I was in the seventh grade. I have been practicing long enough now that I am seeing the children of my former patients. I feel that I am truly blessed to be a pediatrician!

About my practice

I enjoy practicing general pediatrics with Kaiser Permanente. I see children from the time they are newborns until they are 22 years old. I especially enjoy working with teenagers. It has been a true pleasure to watch my patients grow up, move through the difficult adolescent years and mature to young adults.I try to have a positive influence on the families that I serve. I feel that the diagnosis and treatment of a member’s medical problem is just a small part of my job. I try to spend time educating my families about prevention, safety and what it takes to raise happy, well-adjusted children in these times.I have had various management positions during my career with Kaiser Permanente, but I enjoy working with my patients and their families the most.

How I thrive

I have two teenagers who are very active in sports, and I spend a great deal of time at their sporting events. This has made it a bit more difficult for me to take care of myself. In my younger years, I was a dancer in ballet and modern dance. I danced with a professional dance company for one year before I entered medical school. My goal is to start dancing again. Through Kaiser Permanente, I have a health coach. With my coach’s help, I hope to get back into dancing shape soon!