About Me

For me, medicine is the perfect marriage of science and service to others. Being a physician assistant allows for the ideal balance between work and home life. After completing college on the East Coast, my husband and I spent 10 years in San Antonio before we decided to raise our family in Oregon. We are having a great time exploring the Northwest and discovering all it has to offer.

About my practice

I have always worked in Family Practice/Internal Medicine and enjoy the variety of cases I get to see. I value getting to know patients and learning from them over time. I generally have a team approach with my patients. I realize there is often more than one way to get a problem solved, and not every solution works for every patient. The patient's input is necessary to pick the correct choice for them.

How I thrive

I thrive when I am outdoors with my family. I love to watch my girls explore, learn, and imagine in nature. I thrive when I am pushing myself to physically or mentally achieve something I haven't in the past -- whether running, camping, riding, baking, planting, cooking, hiking, or playing. Exercise is an integral part of my family's life and a priority for our well being. My husband and I support each other's efforts and encourage our girls to enjoy being active.